Zendaya Coleman Admits Wearing Wigs To Create Ever-Changing Hairdos


How to make such dramatic hairstyle switch-ups frequently? Zendaya Coleman can answer this question in detail.

Zendaya Coleman, 18-year-old, confessed that she used wigs to do her a favor when it comes to changing hairstyles frequently. For her, it’s of importance to discuss how she changes hair looks, so she shared a video on Instagram, March 28, after attending the 28th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards.

“So many people get stressed out every time I wear a different hairstyle on the red carpet, it is called a wig people–W-I-G–say it with me now, ‘wig’, she joked in the video.

Say it with me now���

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Zendaya Coleman, who rose her fame in the K.C. Undercover, rocked a fabulous short bob, which matched with full front bangs, and wore a yellow striped DKNY ensemble and Stuart Weitzman sandals, when showing up on the orange carpet of the 2015 Kids’ Choice Awards. She shared several posts of the look on Instagram. She captioned the first post of the edge ‘do, “Have I ever been scared of a look? Nah @luxurylaw.”

Giving Queen Cleopatra+Edna Mode+70’s realness A photo posted by Zendaya (@zendaya) on

And then she posted another one on Instagram, captioning: “Giving Queen Cleopatra+EdnaMode+ 70’s realness.”

The next day after the KCA, Sunday, March 29, she attended the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards, the K.C. Undercover star switched her short bob dramatically to a long half-up style, which was styled into loose waves.

There is no reason to deny that Zendaya is such a hair chameleon. Remember her dreadlocks, which caused a commotion at the 2015 Oscars? Remember her rocking a super-short bob at the 2015 Grammys?


How do you think of Zendaya’s ever changing hairstyles?

Kim Kardashian Ditches Platinum Locks For Iconic Black–See The Pics


No more blonde hair! Kim Kardashian dyed her signature black back. Her bold platinum blondes, which was first showed off in Paris Fashion Week, gave rise to a frenzy, as well as controversial topic towards her hair. But now, the blonde is gone. She debuted her freshly styled black hairdo on March 26 in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Kim Kardashian hit the Paris Fashion Week with her fantastic blonde hair on March 5, and her platinum turned into a hot topic since then, both positive and negative being around her hair. About half a month later, she dyed her hair black. Have you surprised by this?

Kim Kardashian’s Black Hair Was Back–Colored After Blonde Locks


The Keep Up With Kardashian star rocked her brand new black ‘do while going out with her daughter North West in Woodland Hills, Calif. Once again, her stunned us, using her all-combed-back sleek black hairdo.

However, most of us found no surprise, even though her hairdo looked very stunning. For years, Kim has been rocking signature dark brown/black hair, no matter which hairstyle she opted for. Besides, her blonde locks was dissed by several celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston, and Kylie Jenner. What’s more, after her showing off platinum blonde hairdo, it was rumored that the 34-year-old star went blonde to steal attention from Kendall during Paris Fashion Week.

Long Bob–The Most Popular Haircut In 2015

It is obvious that long bob, abbreviated as lob, can be seen here and there in 2015. Why the haircut is all the rage? The reason for its popularity lies in its being simple, versatile, and of course, pretty. You can rock it into a variety of textures, sleek, curly, wavy, messy, etc. Because of its length, it can be styled into a ponytail or bun, and the styling only takes a few minutes. Unlike short bob, this hairdo needs no monthly shaping maintenance.

If you would like to make a change to your waist-length hair, but are afraid of the possible ugliness brought by short hair, this hairdo is suitable for you. For your reference, here are some of the most inspiring lob haircuts rocked by several celebrities. Check and select your favorite one.

It can not be denied that Jessica Simpson looks pretty with her long bob, even though she is a freshman to the ‘do. Her blonde locks just pasts her shoulder, and it is styled straight, shiny. The whole style looks so good with a deep side part. For Jessica Simpson, who has been wearing super long tresses for years, this blonde lob is surely stunning and helps freshen herself up.

Jessica Simpson

Kerry Washington’s brunette ombre lob looks so stylish and eye-catching. It is easy to recreate the style. Just add some textures when creating it, and spritz with a little hairspray to make it shiny. It is fine to have a little messy ends, as a little messy makes the ‘do more stunning.

Kerry Washington

The wavy lob with deep side part makes Kristen Bell more charming. You can create the waves simply by using a flat irons and add a little shine with some hairspray. It is a hairdo requiring low maintenance.

Kristen Bell

Taylor Swift looks stunning almost in every hairstyle, and there is no exception for this sleek lob. Her hair was styled into an angled lob, which helps show off her graceful long neck. With side-swept bangs, the glossy blonde lob gets polished instantly.


For Jennifer Aniston, long bob is surely her favorite. With a little texture and the hair side-parted, the hairstyle looks beautiful, and is suitable for Jennifer Aniston a lot.



The Coolest Hairstyles For Male Celebrities

Well, has David Beckham been on holiday? Does he notice that an array of male celebrities are being spotlights in terms of men’s haircuts.

From platinum blonde in Paris Fashion Week to buzz cuts on chat shows, we have been enjoyed a lot because of those stunning ‘do rocked by male celebrities over the past few weeks.

Ryan Reynolds’ Buzz Cut


Mr Reynolds is definitely God-blessed. He has a stellar career, popular movie star wife, and such good looks, and now, his buzz cut gives rise to a copy trend.

The handsome guy showed off his aggressive new ‘do when interviewed at The Tonight Show earlier this month. Shortly after the chat show, the ‘do caused a frenzy over a large number of style blogs around the world. With neat quiffs and side parts, his military-inspired buzz cut looks so cool and help highlight his handsome facial features.

Jared Leto’s Platinum Blonde Locks


Jared Leto really caused quite a stir in Paris Fashion Week. From his iconic long locks, full beard to short ‘do and free-of-beard, then to blonde locks, his dramatic hairstyle change did catch tons of attention.

His bold blonde hair is actually designed for his next role in the upcoming DC Comic flick Suicide Squad. Even though we had no idea about it at first, most of us were fond of his blonde locks a lot. The new ‘do appeared to be totally different from his iconic one, and Jared looked incredibly handsome with the hairstyle.

Calvin Harris’s Italian Touch


Wow, such a dramatic change Calvin Harris has made, from a nerdiest DJ to an international music superstar. His showing up in Armani’s underwear campaign clearly showed off his new athletic body, making him a hot topic late last year.

Now, he causes a stir once again, because of his new haircut: a classic side parting with short, natural sides and a slight shine through the top. So stunning the ‘do is. It can not be denied that the hairstyle will be soon here and there.

Lewis Hamilton’s Break-up Pompadour


Lewis Hamilton surely rocks a pompadour perfectly. Obviously, breaking up with Nicole Scherzinger is not a big deal for Lewis Hamilton. Before long, he starts afresh and looks super charming as well.

Lewis Hamilton, the reigning Formula One World Champion, debuted a glossy, heavily styled pompadour at Paris Fashion Week early this month. There is no doubt that he had been spotlighted since he showed up.


Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger


When looking in the mirror, if you have an exactly same hair look as the one in your high school graduation picture, it is highly possible that you are aging yourself, according to Tamar Mitchell, master stylist of 10th Avenue Hair Designs.

It is a good idea to refer to the trendy hairstyles and select the one suitable for your personal style. But actually, your face shape or personal style fails to coordinate with the trendy style.

“not every trend looks good on everyone, and every trend has an expiration date, think mall bangs. As you age, stay current and go for a classic hairstyle with a trendy twist–such as a long bob, just with a more subtle slope in the front,” said Mitchell.

Long bob, abbreviated lob, has been popular since 2014, and now is all the rage.

Different from the bob, which goes with an iconic jaw-level cut, a lob enjoys two big benefits, being longer enough to be created into a ponytail or bun, and shorter enough to form a sleek look, because of its shoulder-length.

3dd214935f17f2dde6644f6372992708bdb4aa9f 257F345800000578-2935345-image-a-20_1423474848845 102814-lauren-conrad-594

No matter long bob or short bob, the “bob” ‘do can not be denied to be classic and timeless, according to Daily Makeover.

Generally speaking, even the same bob can appear to be different if worn by wearers, and the styling process should be different, usually based on the wearers. Face shape, hair condition and hair texture can make a difference. When create a hairdo, a stylist is supposed to take all factors into consideration and customizes the most suitable bobs for the customer.

According to Darn Hamil, stylist of 10th Avenue Hair Designs, “this season, there seems to be a trend for all hair types–big curls, long layers and waves, long and straight, going natural and lots of movement.”

“The long, textured ponytail, fishtail and braid also continue to grace the Red Carpet,” added Hamil.

Besides, long bedhead up-dos appear to be popular this season. It is a perfect ‘do for working out, running errands, or even going out for the evening.

ariana-grande-grammys-2015-grammy-awards3 kimberly-perry-grammys

Usually, additional bangs is effective to change your style without shortening your hair length a lot.

Another element for getting ‘do that looks young and trendy is the use of trendy hair color. Redheads, highlights with a softer copper hue and blondes locks are popular in 2015. Surely, just like what is mentioned above, “not every trend looks good on everyone”, it is all stunning to try other colors, such as the ombre, which was all the rage in 2014.

Tutorial For Awesome Woven Low Ponytail


Well, for those who are tired of wearing a standard low ponytail, the fantastic way offered in MissySue.com is wonderful.

When it comes to ways of styling hair, a simple ponytail tends to be ranked as one of the most convenient option. This style is all the rage especially in summer, because of its helping weaken summer heat. Although ponytails often come with dullness, a variety of ways are available for being used to dress the ‘dos up and make them stunning. To dress up a ponytail, it is fine to wear it high or low, wrapped with a braid, or twisted into a chic updo style.

A low ponytail is feasible for many styling, featured in sleek styles, combined with textured tails, and woven into fishtail braids. It is also cool to style a low ponytail with a chic, zig-zag twisted style. Here are the text tutorial and video tutorial for the fabulous woven low ponytails. Learn how to recreate it.

Step-by-step Tutorial:

Step 1: Start with grabbing a small section of hair from the diagonal at the eyebrow and pull the hair at an angle toward the back of the head.

Step 2: Part the backward hair into two subsections.

Step 3: Cross the left subsection over the top of the right.

Step 4: Pin the strand of the crossed right side to secure.

Step 5: Grab a small section of strands next to the twisted section on the right and cross it over to conceal the bobby pin.

Step 6: Grab a small section of hair on the left, just like what is done in step 5.

Step 7: Cross it over the first pinned section and pin it down on the right side.

Step 8: Repeat section 5-7 until reaching the nape of your neck.

Step 9: Grab a small section of hair on the right to wrap it around the rest of the hair. Secure with a clear elastic to create a low ponytail.

Step 10: Drag the ponytail a little bit to make it fuller and hide the elastic. Spritz with a bit of hairspray to add shine.

Styling Tips:

  1. Curl the hair ends using a curling iron to make the ‘do more romantic.
  2. Back comb the top of hair before styling to add a little volume at the top.

Julianne Hough Rocks Elegant Updo on ‘DWTS’


Julianne stunned all the audiences when showing up on the Season 20 premiere of ‘DWTS’ on March 16. Her sexy platinum sexy updo and plunging, chartreuse gown made her more than charming. Check to see how glamorous she looked.

Julianne Hough, 26-year-old, has always been one bright spot on the Dancing with the Stars judging panel. No exception for the new season. She rocked the premiere of the 2015 ‘DWTS’, with her gorgeous piecey updo, bright chartreuse gown, and glam red lip.
Julianne’s Fabulous Updo and Bold, Bright Yellows Dress

To kick off season 20 of Dancing with the Stars, Julianne chose a sexy and bright gown. According to her stylist Anita Patrickson, “Julianne loved it the minute she put it on! The color is so tough to pull off, but Jules just shone.”

In order to match the dress perfectly, her hairstylist Riawna Capri, opted for an updo, instead of just having her hair down. “We originally were going to have her hair down, but as soon as she put the dress on to make sure it fit, we all agreed it looked best up,” said Capri. Capri also added more detail about the styling, “We’ve been doing DWTS for a while now, and we always want to do something NEW AND DIFFERENT. This time I curled her hair in a different texture that I never curled it before, and Julianne and I loved it. It might be our new favorite wave!”

Capri posted a pic of Julianne’s freshly styled updo on Instagram with the caption “The picture speaks for itself.” Well, such a satisfying job.


What do you think of Julianne’s hair makeover? Feel free to comment below.


Christina Aguilera Ditches Blonde Locks For Brunette


Fantastically!! Blonde bombshell Christina Aguilera switched her blonde tresses to brunette, all for her guest role in Nashville. According to a previous report, the 34-year-old The Voice coach has joined the cast of ABC’s Nashville.

The singer and actress has been seemingly excited about the shooting. She tweeted a photo from the set on Tuesday, March 17, captioning “Jade’s been busy studying her lines. Can’t wait for #Nashville!” In the picture, she wore a flannel shirt and a head of gorgeous brunette hair. It is said that her new ‘do is created by means of a wig. However, who knows?

CAUonSjUsAAGGEr.jpg large

The Burlesque star appears to like the shooting and the new ‘do. She first showed off the hairdo on twitter on March 9 with the caption: “Look at all that hair! Having lots of fun on the set of #Nashville. More to come!” Well, the new hair shade and the shooting do bring her lots of fun.


After her acting alongside Cher in 2010’s Burlesque, Aguilera sign on for no film or episode, till the 2015’s Nashville, in which she will play a pop star, “Jade St. John”, who is described as “a chart-topping pop princess who yearns to unleash her inner twang on a country record — and might finally get the opportunity during a two-night stand in Music City.”

How excellent Aguilera will be in the multi-episode? Wait for it!

Thin Hair?? Not A Panic Matter

I have thin and fine hair, and my hair never grows longer than just past my shoulders seemingly. Do you have any tips for adding much-needed volume?
—Karen, 53, Cheshire

Karen, mother-of-four, was sick of wearing a head of limp and thin hair, and she had come up with many tips to add length and volume to her natural hair.
For many busy women of Karen’s age, thin hair is not rare, because of hormonal changes, stress, poor diet or illness, and there is no exception for Karen.
For a long period of time, shortly after she fell victim to thinning hair, she had used clip in hair extensions to create a full head of hair. She had been satisfied with the stunning result created by clip-ins. But then, she would like a solution which could last longer.


When it comes to hair extensions, two elements should be mentioned again and again. First, it is of importance to select a set of hair extensions that look natural and blend seamlessly into your own hair. Another important thing is that the extensions do not do harm to your real hair or keep it from growing.
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For a long lasting result, Karen switched clip in hair extensions to I-tip hair extensions, a type of semi-permanent extensions that can be kept on your hair for several months once.
Just as its name suggests, the bonding section of the strip looks like an “I”. Made from bonded keratin, the tips can be attached to your hair without causing damage to your natural hair and scalp. Besides, the keratin is transparent, making the joins are barely visible.
Karen had the extensions installed by her hairstylist, who created a stunning final look for Karen. To make the extensions blend seamlessly into Karen’s natural hair, the stylist trimmed both the extensions and natural hair a little bit.
Because the keratin bond can withstand washing, drying and brushing, the extensions can keep on your hair for several months. But, for a better look, you are suggested taking care of your extensions as well. Basically, a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, is a must.
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Are you a hair extensions wearer? Or do you plan to buy one? If so, your sharing before & after with us by tagging #hairplusbase via Facebook or Instagram will be much appreciated.