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How do celebrities rock their hair extensions? Are there any funny news about hair extensions? All interesting content listed in the IN HAIR EXTENSIONS can help you know more about hair extensions, and about how to have fun with your hair extensions, no matter they are clip in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, etc.


Miley Cyrus Switches Pixie Cut To Long Hair Extensions For Sleepover With Bella Hadid

Miley Cyrus surely knows how to have fun with her hair extensions. After rocking iconic pixie cut for quite some time, the singer missed her long locks a lot, and decided to try out long hair extensions. See pics below and let us know how do you think of her hair look in extensions.


Miley Cyrus, 23-year-old, showed off her long hair makeover on Instagram. She posted pics of herself, in which she posed sexily to display her blonde past-the-shoulder extensions. “Lazzzz night,” the We Can’t Stop hitmaker captioned the picture.

The former Disney Darling definitely enjoyed that wonderful night with Bella Hadid. In the picture she shared, she wore ripped fishnet tights, very revealing blouse, and a black and white scarf tied around her neck.

In the same day, earlier than the sexy picture, she also shared several others about the night. Here is one taken while she was sprawling out on a bed, with multiple blonde and pink hair pieces covering her white comforter.

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

‘Last night got f***ing hairy @andylecompte @simon_says___,’ she captioned the picture.

Miley tends to stand out from the crowd so easily. Here is what she talked about sexuality.

“I’m not hiding my sexuality. For me, I don’t want to label myself as anything,” she told TIME magazine recently. “We love putting people in categories, but what I like sexually isn’t going to label me as a person.”

She also added, “There are times in my life I’ve had boyfriends or girlfriends. And there are times where I just love being with myself and don’t want to give part of myself away to someone else.”

How do you think of her extensions after-look? How do you think of her theme of sexuality?


Jessica J’s Beauty Look At The 2015 MTV Movie Awards–Long Straight Locks & Sparkling Menswear


Jessie J, British pop sensation, has spent a lot of time in the spotlight and this year’s MTV Movie Awards Show proved to be no exception. She stunned the red carpet with her fabulous makeup, gorgeous hair makeover, and oomph outfits. See her beauty look below.

Jessie J, 27-year-old, looked amazing on the red carpet of 2015 MTV Movie Awards, held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, Calif. on April 12. She showed up wearing a head of gorgeous straight long tresses, pink lip makeup and sparkling oversized menswear. What do you think of her stunning look?

Jessie J’s Super long Hair Extensions

The pop singer’s long tresses brought forth wowing at the awards, and she looked so charming with the hair. Actually, it was a hairdo created with super long hair extensions. Those who pay attention to her recently surely know that. Just a few days ago, the star, known for her chic bob cut, posted a fun video of the process of having hair extensions attached on Instagram. We love the song she sang and the awesome after-look she got.

A video posted by Jessie J (@isthatjessiej) on

Jessie J’s Oomph Outfits

In addition to her gorgeous hair look, another factor turning heads was her extremely cool outfits. Instead of rocking minidress, the star opted for flaring oversized menswear to make a ton of appearances at the pre-show. Sporting her glittering oversized jacker and palazzo pants, Jessie J surely enjoyed the envious sights around.

To match her cool suit perfectly, Jessie gave her iconic bold lip a rest, selection a pink lip instead. Of course, other accessories looked chic as well–the metallic chokers, rings, and bracelet. Every detail looks pretty.


Do you like Jessie J’s dressing-up at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards? Do you want to copy her super long tresses? Can you hold the pretty cool outfits?



Noah Cyrus’ Rainbow Highlights–Hair Extensions Style

Surprisingly? Maybe not. Noah Cyrys had her full head of lavender dyed purple highlights. It can not be denied that her new ‘do looks stunning, but because of her ever-changing ‘dos, we leave with only wowing but not surprise. See the pics.


Noah Cyrus, 15-year-old, shared a pic of her freshly styled rainbow highlights on Instagram. “If this is love then I’d rather be lonely @featheredbyevelise @hairfairymagic,” she captioned. Her new hair makeover looks so lovely and we love it the first sight.

The next day before her sharing colorful hair extensions ‘do, she posted a pic taken at a salon, because of which we could not help wondering how amazingly she would do to her lavender locks. The little star did not keep us waiting long by showing a show video of hair extensions and then the job of her fabulous highlights, which was created by adding some long purple and deep blue shades to her natural hair.

Foot fell asleep while putting my weave back in @hairfairymagic @featheredbyevelise

A video posted by Audrey (@noahcyrus) on

Miley Cyrus’ little sister never let us down by always wearing fantastic hairdos, like her super light platinum blonde shade locks, bright purple hair, and now the stunning rainbow highlights. She keeps us wondering, “wow, does she really a 15-year-old girl.”  

A photo posted by Audrey (@noahcyrus) on

Popular Hair Color in 2015

Obviously, pastel hair colors receive a plenty of popularity among many celebrities, who have showed off chic hair shades for these several months, such as Julianne Hough, Amber Rose, Debby Ryan, etc.

How do you think of the new trend? Will you go for it?

Thin Hair?? Not A Panic Matter

I have thin and fine hair, and my hair never grows longer than just past my shoulders seemingly. Do you have any tips for adding much-needed volume?
—Karen, 53, Cheshire

Karen, mother-of-four, was sick of wearing a head of limp and thin hair, and she had come up with many tips to add length and volume to her natural hair.
For many busy women of Karen’s age, thin hair is not rare, because of hormonal changes, stress, poor diet or illness, and there is no exception for Karen.
For a long period of time, shortly after she fell victim to thinning hair, she had used clip in hair extensions to create a full head of hair. She had been satisfied with the stunning result created by clip-ins. But then, she would like a solution which could last longer.


When it comes to hair extensions, two elements should be mentioned again and again. First, it is of importance to select a set of hair extensions that look natural and blend seamlessly into your own hair. Another important thing is that the extensions do not do harm to your real hair or keep it from growing.
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For a long lasting result, Karen switched clip in hair extensions to I-tip hair extensions, a type of semi-permanent extensions that can be kept on your hair for several months once.
Just as its name suggests, the bonding section of the strip looks like an “I”. Made from bonded keratin, the tips can be attached to your hair without causing damage to your natural hair and scalp. Besides, the keratin is transparent, making the joins are barely visible.
Karen had the extensions installed by her hairstylist, who created a stunning final look for Karen. To make the extensions blend seamlessly into Karen’s natural hair, the stylist trimmed both the extensions and natural hair a little bit.
Because the keratin bond can withstand washing, drying and brushing, the extensions can keep on your hair for several months. But, for a better look, you are suggested taking care of your extensions as well. Basically, a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, is a must.
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