Description: Cheap hair extensions for sale, We provide all kinds of 100% real human hair extensions, FREE SHIPPING! You can get The best Hair Extensions include Clip In / On Hair Extensions, Brazilian Hair Extensions and so on.

Pros:  The prices of the products on the site are low.


To be honest, I was so so so disappointed with this order. I always believed that price is in proportional to quality, but one of my friends persuaded me to buy one as she got a set of high quality of hair extensions at a low price from this site, so I placed the order. Speaking of the shipping, you may think that it is OK for 3 days delivery. But how could it take 5 days only for the order processing? I kept pushing it by writing one by another email.

When it came to the quality, I had to admit that it was only worth $48.69. The hair was so thin and seemed to be artificial hair rather than real human hair, although the shop owner claimed it as real human hair.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered:  CN

Customer Service: Email contact.

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