Description: Looking for hair extensions and hair accessories? Order from a large selection of clip in hair extensions. Many lengths available. Top of the line beauty products. Hair Straighteners, feather clips, and more

Pros: So far I found nothing about this.

CONS:  The worst experience I have had. I ordered a set of clip in hair extensions on this site. A week later when I emailed its staff asking for tracking NO., I was told that my extensions was still out of stock and would be ready the next day. HOW COULD IT ACCEPT MY ORDER WHEN MY EXTENSIONS WAS NOT AVAILABLE.  Two weeks later I was told my extensions was dispatched. I kept waiting for another week but only receive a set of extensions which was in wrong color. Damn it. When I required returning the product, the customer service staff said lots of rubbish. I spent such a long time arguing with them but they only agreed to exchange one for me. I  swore I would never bought anything from this site.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered:  US

Customer Service: Email and Phone contact.

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