Description: Welcome to Wigs By Vanity! Creator of the worlds most fabulous lace front wig – The Über Riah. Our wigs are made for drag queens, by drag queens. There are other lace front wigs on the market but ours are the ultimate for drag and theatrical purposes.

PROS:  I have no idea about pros of this on-line shop. What I only know is that I will never buy any wigs on this store unless someone I am familiar with tell me that its wigs are really in high quality.

CONS:  The fisrt impression it gave me is that it is such a simple designed on-line shop. Only a few pictures of its products shown on the site. No contact information, no  exchange&return information, no shipping information. It is extremely difficult to ensure whether this shop exists or not.  It is said that all the wigs are synthetic wigs but most of the price is $250. Too expensive.  I clicked in the link of facebook, but some of the posts on the facebook scared me.  If it is a facebook with a topic of product/service, how can they design it like that? Hard to believe it.

Secured shopping cart:  No

Domain registered:  Can not find any information about this

Customer Service: If you want to contact them, fill the format on the site.

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