Title: SKR Hair: Premium Quality Clip In Hair Extensions

Description: SKR hair extensions are made from 100% human REMY hair. Our extensions are among the thickest available, allowing you to create beautiful volume and length with a natural, silky look.

PROS:  The one I chose for my client in the site is the chocolate brown hair extension. After I recieved it from the post man,  I was quite impressed with its silky touch and good hair texture. This is not my first purchasing in this on-line shop, and it tends to satisfy me and my clients again and again. It always provide me with unbeatable products.  In addition to the product itself, I admire its customer service a lot for their patient and instant reply. Besides, free shipping is also  a plus for its excellent service.

CONS:  A relative narrow collection of products.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Pictures: High resolution detailed picture

Domain registered: UK

Customer Service:  email reply

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