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Hairstyles For Summer–Got These 5 Celeb-Inspired Styles

Summer is just around the corner, and it is time to make good preparation for it. Hairstyle is also one factor that should be taken into consideration for summer. Here are five celeb-inspired hairstyles for the coming summer, read on and share your opinion with us.

Lightened Hair
Blonde locks is all the rage in 2015, taking Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto’s platinum blonde hair in Paris Fashion Week. Light blonde is a very cool hair shade and it is a go-to color for the coming summer. It looks pretty on women with cool skin tones, like “Dancing with the Star” judge Julianne Hough’s full-blonde. If you are a brunette, you can also try it by adding amplified blonde tips to your hair ends, like the way Jessica Alb rock her blonde ombre hair look.

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Bob with Bangs

Short hairdo can be as fantastic as long one, so it is unnecessary for you to be afraid to shorten your long tresses for summer. In terms of bob, the one with bangs is one of the most classic and charming hair looks. No matter you wear a long bob, a short bob, or something in between, you can couple it with bangs. To keep the bangs stunning, make sure to trim it about every three weeks. Taylor Swift is one of the celebrities who rock bob style with bangs perfectly, like her layered bob with bangs at 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards.

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Side-Swept Bangs
If you are not ready to go for straight-edged bangs, how about trying the style with side-swept bangs. Compared with the straight-edged bangs, it looks more elegant and adds softness to your look. To make the style more stunning, create a side part and blow dry your side bangs straight. Next, add soft waves to the remaining hair to create a fun, laid-back hair look which is pretty for a day out at the beach. You can take Jennifer Lopez and Kerry Washinton’s hairstyles with side-swept bangs for instance.

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Shoulder-Length Layers
For those who have medium-length hair, the shoulder-length hair with layers throughout the hair is awesome. The hair look is made light and fresh by the layers, and thin hair will look fuller against the layers. If you have no idea about how to style your layers, make them shorter around your jawline in front, and add some sun-kissed highlights for a fantastic California style. How do you think of Reese Witherspoon and “Twilight” actress Ashley Green’s relaxed shoulder-length layered hair?

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Messy Braids
Ponytails and braids are so popular in summer, because of their working well in beating hot wave. Compared with standard ponytails, braids are more fabulous. Messy braids, with some elastics and a few bobby pins to hold everything in place, look so romantic in summer.Beyonce’s simple braid and “Pitch Perfect 2” actress Brittany Snow’s side braid at 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards are two fantastic examples.

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Kim Kardashian Ditches Platinum Locks For Iconic Black–See The Pics


No more blonde hair! Kim Kardashian dyed her signature black back. Her bold platinum blondes, which was first showed off in Paris Fashion Week, gave rise to a frenzy, as well as controversial topic towards her hair. But now, the blonde is gone. She debuted her freshly styled black hairdo on March 26 in Woodland Hills, Calif.

Kim Kardashian hit the Paris Fashion Week with her fantastic blonde hair on March 5, and her platinum turned into a hot topic since then, both positive and negative being around her hair. About half a month later, she dyed her hair black. Have you surprised by this?

Kim Kardashian’s Black Hair Was Back–Colored After Blonde Locks


The Keep Up With Kardashian star rocked her brand new black ‘do while going out with her daughter North West in Woodland Hills, Calif. Once again, her stunned us, using her all-combed-back sleek black hairdo.

However, most of us found no surprise, even though her hairdo looked very stunning. For years, Kim has been rocking signature dark brown/black hair, no matter which hairstyle she opted for. Besides, her blonde locks was dissed by several celebrities, like Jennifer Aniston, and Kylie Jenner. What’s more, after her showing off platinum blonde hairdo, it was rumored that the 34-year-old star went blonde to steal attention from Kendall during Paris Fashion Week.