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Thin Hair?? Not A Panic Matter

I have thin and fine hair, and my hair never grows longer than just past my shoulders seemingly. Do you have any tips for adding much-needed volume?
—Karen, 53, Cheshire

Karen, mother-of-four, was sick of wearing a head of limp and thin hair, and she had come up with many tips to add length and volume to her natural hair.
For many busy women of Karen’s age, thin hair is not rare, because of hormonal changes, stress, poor diet or illness, and there is no exception for Karen.
For a long period of time, shortly after she fell victim to thinning hair, she had used clip in hair extensions to create a full head of hair. She had been satisfied with the stunning result created by clip-ins. But then, she would like a solution which could last longer.


When it comes to hair extensions, two elements should be mentioned again and again. First, it is of importance to select a set of hair extensions that look natural and blend seamlessly into your own hair. Another important thing is that the extensions do not do harm to your real hair or keep it from growing.
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For a long lasting result, Karen switched clip in hair extensions to I-tip hair extensions, a type of semi-permanent extensions that can be kept on your hair for several months once.
Just as its name suggests, the bonding section of the strip looks like an “I”. Made from bonded keratin, the tips can be attached to your hair without causing damage to your natural hair and scalp. Besides, the keratin is transparent, making the joins are barely visible.
Karen had the extensions installed by her hairstylist, who created a stunning final look for Karen. To make the extensions blend seamlessly into Karen’s natural hair, the stylist trimmed both the extensions and natural hair a little bit.
Because the keratin bond can withstand washing, drying and brushing, the extensions can keep on your hair for several months. But, for a better look, you are suggested taking care of your extensions as well. Basically, a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, is a must.
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Folihair.ca Review

Website: folihair.ca

Description: FoliHair.com is committed to offering the best hair products. Since its foundation in 2008, FoliHair.com has provided hundreds of customers with superior quality hair and won worldwide acclaims. We are very involved in the process of selecting great products that perform exceptionally well. All of our hair products are 100% human hair without aciding.


The Hair: I got the standard 17″ set.  The hair was so soft. The extensions come with 7 wefts and they all blended with my natural hair so well.

How long have I kept them:  I received it 9 months ago. It was my second hair extensions, and it was the better one, although the last one was much expensive.  I have had it curled and straightened for several times, but they are still soft and in great shape till now.


Shipping: It took me about two weeks to recieve the hair–two days on order processing and 11 days on parcel delivery.



Two colors ombre indian remy clip in hair extensions M0227W – See more at: http://www.vpfashion.com/two-colors-ombre-indian-remy-clip-in-hair-extensions-m0227w-p-8789.html#sthash.TZyyhNRA.dpu



Its ombre ” Jet black -Medium dark brown” was the first reason I chose it. The extensions I received never disappointed me, for their color was just as same as the description on the site.  They match my hair perfCONS: I got late reply from the shop owner.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered:  CA

Customer Service:  Email and Phone contact

Buyhair.co.uk Review

Website: buyhair.co.uk

Description: Welcome To Buy Hair: The Hair Extensions Supermarket  Here at Buy Hair, we manufacture and sell our own range of hair and accessories at unbeatable prices, as well as stock a fantastic range of top hair extension brands in order to provide you with sumptuous looking hair at affordable prices.   Our range of cheap hair extensions & wigs for sale includes Human Hair Extensions, Clip in Hair Extensions, Synthetic Hair Extensions, Pre Bonded Hair Extensions, Ladies Wigs and much more; we also offer all the hair tools and equipment that you will need to get the most out of your new hair.

PROS: I bought the ” Stranded 18″ Heat Resistant Full Head Clip In Hair Extensions ” from Buy Hair. It only cost me £16.99. With its replaceable and invisible pre-attached clips, I can apply and remove the extensions easily. I received the hair last Friday. So far, it is tangle-free, smooth and everything goes right.  As it blended naturally with my own hair, no one noticed that I wore hair extensions when I went out.

Cons:  It is made from synthetic fiber and I don’t think it will last long. Some clips are in poor design and sometimes make me uneasy.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered:  UK

Customer Service: Email and Phone contact

Airyhair.com Review

Website: airyhair.com

Description: Buy premium hair extensions, lowest price and highest quality. Free worldwide shipping for all hair extension orders. Buy now.

PROS: I bought the 20″ 7pcs Remy Clip In Straight Human Hair Extensions 70g from airyhair. The price is lowest compared with the extensions that I have。


  • Poor quality. But when I think that I bought it at the price of US$29.02, the quality is acceptable, although I will never wear the extensions out.
  • It is described as human hair extensions, but the hair I receive just appeard to be nothing but fake looking. I doubt whether it is hair piece for tous.
  •  It took me half a month to receive the good. The customer service staff tolk me that it was caused by customs delay. But, I have no idea whether she    told the truth or not. 

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered:  CA

Customer Service: Email contact

Arreischeveux.comn Review

Website: arreischeveux.com

Description: A leading retailer of the highest quality Virgin Remy Hair and Colored Remy Hair as Weft extensions, Clip-in extensions and Full Lace Wigs. The best choice for selecting premium hair extensions.

PROS: I like the texture of this Virgin Malaysian Loose Weave Weft Extensions. The hair is 16 inches long and costs me US $142.80, an acceptable price. It is real human hair–the cuticle runs the same direction and just a little frizz comes along with the hair. Because its blending well with my natural hair, no one notices that I wear hair extensions when I go out.

CONS:  I don’t like its shipping as it takes me 4 days to process the order. My friend told me it was because there was no ready made product available and the order processing time means product producing time.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered:  US

Customer Service: Phone & Email contact.

Beautyshoppers.com Review

Website: beautyshoppers.com

Description: SAME DAY SHIPPING! We offer a wide selection of Black Hair Wigs and Weaves ranging from Virgin Indian Remy human hair Lace Front Wigs to affordable synthetic Lace Front Wigs. We also carry Unprocessed Brazilian Hair, Cuticle Remy XQ, Indian Bare & Natural Weaves, premium Black Remy Weaves, Black Hair Weaving, Black Hair Extensions, Black Hair Wigs, Black Hair Top Closures, Black Hair Full Lace Wigs, and more! birthday gifts, christmas gift, holiday gifts, valentine’s day gift, anniversary gifts. gift.

PROS:  I bought Janet Collection Remy Hair Fit-Clip Weave – MAGIC BODY CLIP 18″ (8 pcs) from this shop. It cost me US$85.99. The extensions blends well into my natural hair, adding length and volume to my hair. My new hairstyle gets plenty of  compliments coming from my families, friends and colleagues. Besides, I enjoy same day shipping.  I place my order at 11 am on Tuesday and get my hair on Friday.


CONS: I notice some hair lose.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered: US


Customer Service: Email, phone contact.

Vipinhairextension.com Review

Website: vipinhairextension.com

Description: Vipin Hair Extension is the leading retailer of natural Indian human hair extensions. We also offer bulk order and wholesale services worldwide. Call us today.

PROS:  The price of the clip in hair extensions I bought was low. It only costed me $85. The cheapest hair extensions I have had. Although it was cheap, the quality was acceptable, just like my extensions priced $150.  After I applied it to my matural hair, its could blend well with my hair, looking like my own hair.


CONS:  I found it a little frizzy one month later, and some hair fell out from the clips.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered: India


Customer Service: Email and phone contact

Dreamstylehair.com Review

Website: dreamstylehair.com

Description:  Dreamstyle Hair Extensions UK: We provided full ranges of best quality clip in hair extensions and 100% Remy human hair extensions weft & hair pieces with cheap affordable prices. Delivery from UK to worldwide.


  • Hair: At the beginning I doubted whether this hair extensions was not made from human hair due to its low price. But the fact was that it could be dyed, washed, staightened and curled. Its low price was the first reason that I bought it. The quality was OK, matching to its price. I have kept it for two months, and it still keep in shape. Of course, it is because I always took good care of it. 
  • Shipping: 9 days for delivery.

CONS: If you are looking for much thicker hair, this may not be your style. It is a little thin although I think it suits my naturally thin hair.

Overall:  Low price and acceptable quality. It can be on my list for future purchasing.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered:  UK

Customer Service: Email and phone contact


Website: hairsecretsextensions

Description: Luxurious, super thick clip in hair extensions made from 100% natural remy human hair. Worldwide shipping & free storage bag with every order! Available in 30 natural shades.

PROS: Just as same as other Clip in hair extensions, this one is easy to be applied and removed, suitable for temporary use. The extensions I bought is light blonde, well matching to my natural hair. The hair is soft and look like 100% remy human hair as I wore it several time, no color fading and no frizz so far.

CONS:  It took me 11 days to receive my hair. One click is broken so I have to replace one. No thing to talk about the customer service as I seldom contact them except for placing the order.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered:  AU

Customer Service: Email contact

Hairextensionstore.biz Review

Website: hairextensionstore.biz

Description: Looking for hair extensions and hair accessories? Order from a large selection of clip in hair extensions. Many lengths available. Top of the line beauty products. Hair Straighteners, feather clips, and more

Pros: So far I found nothing about this.

CONS:  The worst experience I have had. I ordered a set of clip in hair extensions on this site. A week later when I emailed its staff asking for tracking NO., I was told that my extensions was still out of stock and would be ready the next day. HOW COULD IT ACCEPT MY ORDER WHEN MY EXTENSIONS WAS NOT AVAILABLE.  Two weeks later I was told my extensions was dispatched. I kept waiting for another week but only receive a set of extensions which was in wrong color. Damn it. When I required returning the product, the customer service staff said lots of rubbish. I spent such a long time arguing with them but they only agreed to exchange one for me. I  swore I would never bought anything from this site.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered:  US

Customer Service: Email and Phone contact.