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Black Natural Curly Hair

Greatest Hairstyle Trends for African American Black Women

Summer is on live now, there is no doubt that fashion leaders have already been styling the most chic hairstyles for this Season. But today, we’re not talking about the hairstyles for Summer, but the trends for the upcoming fall and winter. What will be the hair trend for black women this fall and winter? We have picked up few hairstyles. Let’s have a check what’s the trending for the upcoming Seasons and be the fashion leader.


Black Natural Curly Hair

Black Natural Curly Hair
Black Natural Curly Hair

Natural hair has became the topics of most concern. The curly tresses means a lot of hair care, spending time and money on quality hair products. In return, you will get the healthiest natural curly hair. The natural curly hair will bring you happiness and confidence. Compared with using different kinds of human hair extensions, there are increasing number of black women start to get back to their natural hair. The natural born hair is pretty no matter what hairstyle you choose. If you want it be unique, just rub some wax and make your character. Black curly hairstyles are amazingly beautiful, elegant and inventive. The black natural curly hairstyles are the most flattering styles to African American women.


Colorful Dreadlocks for Black

Colorful Dreadlocks
Colorful Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are the most authentic hairstyles for black females. Dreadlocks are a manner of wearing the hair that is physiologically and culturally associated with people of African descent.

Deadlock Hairstyles that are traditionally associated with African-American women, it’s an significance style in black culture.


Brush Haircut For Black Women

Brush Haircut For Black Women
Brush Haircut For Black Women

It’s commonly seen in Summer, the super short haircut is cool can effortless to maintain, moreover it can keep your hair off your neck or sweating. Since there are lots of women chose to rock this haircut, they will be last in fall too. Brush cut is a stunning look even without any design, but add a color or highlight will make this haircut be the focus.


Black Bob Haircuts for Ladies

Black Bob haircuts for ladies
Black Bob haircuts for ladies

Bob hairstyle is an international fresh and modern style. It can be wear not just the upcoming autumn and winter, in fact, they can be wear in all season. That’s why the bob haircut still will be one of the hair trend in the upcoming seasons.

Black bob hairstyles, performed on thick hair, look fantastic and suit all face shapes. The only things need to do is opt for the right length and color to make your look adorable.


Afro Curls Hairstyle

Afro Curls Hairstyle
Afro Curls Hairstyle

Afro curls is one of the hottest trendy hairstyle among the African American ladies. So it will be more and more popular.

Black women often encounter surprises and troubles with their natural hair. It’s either difficult to style or lacks length for versatile impressive hairstyles. But one of the good ways is have a short haircut and get used to the Afro curls hair grow healthily.


After watching these five hairstyles, do you get any inspiration of the hair trend? Don’t hesitate to share us your ideas in the comment box.


The Top 7 Handsome Haircuts For Men 2017

There are so many haircuts emerging in nowadays. No matter your hair is short, medium or long, you can always find one fits you. Let’s have a look what we prepared for you.


If your hair is short, have a check these popular short haircut for men.

1. Buzz Cut

Buzz cut for Men
Buzz cut for Men

Buzz cut is the test criterion of handsome men, if he looks good in buzz cut, then he definitely a handsome one. The buzz cut is one of those staple hairstyles that every barber in the world knows. It’s a worldwide popular haircut, it’s easy to achieve. Almost every barber knows how to cut it, you can even give yourself a buzz cut at home. The buzz cut is literally buzzing the hair with clippers, easy to cut but they can vary in length. Definitely a fashionable and functional haircut.


2. Short Textured Haircut

Short Textured Haircut
Short Textured Haircut

Short hairstyles paired with textures can be handsome and popular among man’s hairstyles. You can texture your hair in wavy, curly or asymmetric as long as its the style for you. Adding some hair spray will make the texture lasts and looks voluminous.


Popular Medium Hair Haircuts For Men

3. High Fade Haircut

High Fade Haircut
High Fade Haircut

High fade haircuts have been very hot among men for many years. It’s great for short to long hair on head. Moreover, it looks well on all kinds of skin colors. There are lots of styles you can play with the high fade haircut. Like, High Bald Fade, High Fade Pompadour, or you can make your own way textured high fade styles.


4. Side Part Comb Over

Side Part Comb Over
Side Part Comb Over

Comb over hairstyles have become hugely popular. They are not only classy, they also work excellent with so many styles. Man’s comb over hairstyles are good for any texture, and wavy hair is not an exception. The side part comb over is one of the super neat look among the comb over hairstyles. Of course, you can features your comb over in other nice textures.


Popular Long Hair Haircuts For Men

5. Long Fringe Haircut

Long Fringe Haircut for men
Long Fringe Haircut for men

Long fringe haircut allow a man’s hair to fall over his forehead to make it look cool. You can style the bangs with volume textures or just let it flat lay on head. It’s great for all kinds of hair type, no matter your hair is straight, wavy or curly, it fits great.


6. Slicked Back Hair

Slicked Back Hair
Slicked Back Hair

The slicked back undercut is one of the most popular man’s hairstyles. The slicked back undercut is a hairstyle that involves keeping the sides and back of your head in an undercut haircut while the hair on the top is kept long enough to be able to slick it back. Such a hairstyle setup keeps the hair polished and sharp as the hair on the top is slicked flat so that it blends into the undercut on the sides and back of the head. The slick back undercut isn’t a new hairstyle as most people think. Instead, the slicked back undercut became popular in the 1930s together with the side swept hairstyle as the go-to hairstyles for men. The haircut of the slick back undercut is a buzz cut on the sides and back of the length. As the name suggests, the haircut is an undercut, meaning that the hair on the sides and back of the head is clipped with a single hair clipper length.


7. Top Knot Hairstyle

Top Knot Hairstyle for Men
Top Knot Hairstyle for Men

Man’s topknot hairstyles are look artsy and romantic. Top knot is a hairstyle full of variation. It is basically a semi-bun. You can try this cool hairstyle every day when you have lengthy hair. You can easily get the topknot hairstyle with medium to long hair length. Just use hair wax to give your hair strands a texture and then tie them up high in a top knot. A light beard would enhance your look.

After watching these trendy hairstyles, are you ready to cut one for yours?

Select The Most Suitable Hairstyle Basing On Face Shape

Summer is right here, so it is time to pick up some hairstyles that help skip sweat-neck. In terms of the hairstyles mentioned above, updo surely tops the list. For those who fear that there is not an updo suitable for themselves, they are about to be proven wrong, and this article is something must read.


According to Daniel Jordan, Unite’s European Creative Director, choosing the right updo is all about suitability, taking into account our outfit, silhouette and, of course, face shape.

For those who consider updo as something dated, they are wrong partly. “Updo’s used to be considered dated but with the current preference for messier, more undone hair, up-dos have evolved to become fresher and more wearable to a younger audience. Braids are a great example of just one style of up-do which is more contemporary and fun,” said Scott Ade, who is a stylist at Daniel Hersheson.

Because of the popularity and charm of updo, this hairstyle can be the one that we wear often in summer. However, how can we select the most suitable one for us?

Here are some pieces of professional advice offered by Daniel, Scott, and James Galvin from the Daniel Galvin Salon. They explain how to opt for updo styles basing on face shape with the examples of our favorite famous faces.

Round Face Shape


For those who have round face, they are suggested focusing on building weight on the round edges of the face to create structure, like what Jennifer Lawrence did to her hair. She seldom wore hairstyles along with anything too tight or flat, because those hairdos will only emphasize a round face.

A little height in the crown and a side parting make difference, since the former will elongate the face shape perfectly, and the latter will help to compliment our face, according to Scott.

Oval Face Shape


To make updo hairstyle more stunning in oval face shape, the most important element is all about creating softness and, like the round one, building weight around any edges of the face.

“I would avoid any high updos as this will emphasis and elongate an oval face even more,” advised Daniel.

Jessica Alba and Cat Deeley have oval face shapes that we are envious of, and we can get inspiration from their hairstyles.

Square Face Shape


Softening around the edges is required by this face shape, which is well proved by Angelina Jolie time and time again. To keep soft edges, just frame the face with strands around the hairline loosely. According to James, a side sweep or low chignon is great for a square face shape.

“A messier, more modern up-do would be the best look for a square face shape. My advice would be to leave tendrils of hair around the face to keep the look softer. A low bun or messy chignon would work very well,” said Scott.

Heart Face Shape


Having a heart face shape like Scarlett Johansson is something God blessed. It is one of the most enviable face shapes and it suits all updo hairstyles.

No matter which updo looks we choose, loose, fun, or structured, we can put off them if we have a heart shaped face.

“My updo of choice is a classic chignon with a modern twist. Or I will brave a deep parting or textured crown to spice up the look,” said James.

Long Face Shape


If we have long face shape, we should keep one rule in mind–avoid adding too much height in the crown when styling an updo, since the height in the top portion will only add even more length to our face.

Instead, we should gather our hair back into a sleek style. Besides, we can minimize the height around the crown by softening the face with loose pieces at the front.

Two Minutes Tutorial–Stunning Braid Ponytail


For fashionable and beautiful look in hot summer, ,we tend to select pastels, dresses and open-toed shoes. In addition to light outfits, surely fabulous hair look can not be neglected, as a warm-weather hairstyle not only looks cool, but also feels cool.

Here I would like to introduce this awesome braid ponytail, a super easy, two-minute ‘do for anyone who can plait a braid. It looks fantastic no matter for formal or casual occasions.

What you need:

  • Clear elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Hairspray

Step-by-step Tutorial


Step 1: Start with comb your hair smooth and make a deep side part.

Step 2: Create a front side braid. Gather hair in the front and at the top of your head, and walk your way down behind your ear. Grab a small section of front hair and divide it into three sections to begin your Dutch braid. Braid down along the side hairline, keep on adding hair section by section to the braid. Stop adding hair when reaching behind your ear and keep on braiding down the hair ends. Secure with an elastic.

Step 3: Create a low ponytail. Gather the rest of hair, leaving a section of hair at the bottom and the braid out, into a low ponytail. Make the ponytail a little off to the side, and then secure it with an elastic.

Step 4: Wrap the ponytail using the remaining hair and the braid. Gather the braid and the remaining hair to wrap around the ponytail. Keep on wrapping until you run out of your hair and pin to secure the wrapping. Here I suggest criss-crossing the hair.

Step 5: Finish with a little hair spray. Add a little hair spray to add shine and reduce frizz. You can also add an embellishment to spice things up a bit.


  • You can create a standard braid instead of a Dutch braid.

After reading the tutorial, are you eager to recreate the style? Your sharing your final work via Facebook or Instagram by tagging #HPBhair will be much appreciated.

Double Wrap Topsy Ponytail Tutorial–More Than A Simple Ponytail


Ponytail is a popular hairstyle, especially in hot summer, because of its working well in helping skip heat. But the question is that how to have fun with ponytails, since we all know that wearing a standard ponytail can be kind of boring. Now, the good news is that numerous ideas have been come up with to make simple ponytails more stunning. This double wrap topsy ponytail is one of them. More fantastically, although being a turn-heads hairdo, the styling of the ‘do is as simple as the way you create a standard ponytail. You can rock the style for both casual and formal occasions.

What You Need:


  • A Hairbrush
  • A comb
  • Clear elastics
  • Bobby pins
  • Medium-hold hairspray

Step-by-step Tutorial

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Step 1: Start with combing your hair smooth, and then pull back all the hair to a middle ponytail. Secure the ponytail with a clear elastic.

Step 2: Grab a small section of hair from the outside of the ponytail, and then wrap the section of hair around the root of the ponytail to conceal the elastic. Pin to secure the wrapping. Through this step, you can make the style more chic than the original one.

Step 3: Spritz a little hairspray to add shine and reduce frizz

Step 4: Add another clear elastic to the ponytail. Move it to the middle part of the ponytail.

Step 5: Divide the part between the two elastics, and pull the bottom of the tail upside down to through the divided gab.

Step 6: Repeat Step 4 & 5 to create another Topsy style.

Step 7: Finish with spritzing a little hairspray.

The ‘do looks more amazing if you have ombre or highlights style.

For more hairstyle tutorial, click http://www.amazingbeautyworld.com/category/hairstyle-tutorials

Should You Make The Cut? Check This Sheet To Find Your Answer



Sometimes, the urge to have our hair chopped comes fast and strong, especially when we run into a breakup or would like a new life perspective. But, before your stepping in a salon, you should really think it over whether you should chop your hair. The sheet below can answer your question well, so you can take it for reference when thinking about changing your hairstyle.

Long bob: The ‘do can be categorized as lob, wob, bend bob, depending on its texture. It is a variant of classic bob. Browsing through the mass media, you will find it easy to notice a popularity of this ‘do in the gone 2014 and ongoing 2015. The ‘do has been perfectly displayed by celebrities like Halle Berry, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, etc.

Bob ‘do: The bob is one of the timeless classic hairdos, no matter how trendy other hairdos are on the red carpet. The ‘do, which was first made hot by celebs, such as Theda Bara in the 1920s during the free-wheeling flapper era, has been all the rage for years. This is a hairstyle, which goes well with blunt bangs, side-swept bangs, bang-free, suitable for the female at all ages.

Pixie ‘do: From long locks or bob to a pixie cut, surely you can catch tons of attention from people around you. It is an edge and chic ‘do, and it does look stunning on many wearers. But, lots of elements should be taken into consideration before your making up your mind, such as awkward transitional phases, dull after-look because of the incoordination between the ‘do and your face shape. As you know, no turning back the time can be found, or you may need a wig to cover the unsatisfying ‘do.

Don’t cut it: Sometimes it is not suggested cutting your hair when you are undergoing an emotional time. According to many hairstylist, it is not a good idea to have your hair shortened when you are in an emotional state of mind as you may regret for what you did when you are clear-minded.


Hairstyles That Make You Look Younger


When looking in the mirror, if you have an exactly same hair look as the one in your high school graduation picture, it is highly possible that you are aging yourself, according to Tamar Mitchell, master stylist of 10th Avenue Hair Designs.

It is a good idea to refer to the trendy hairstyles and select the one suitable for your personal style. But actually, your face shape or personal style fails to coordinate with the trendy style.

“not every trend looks good on everyone, and every trend has an expiration date, think mall bangs. As you age, stay current and go for a classic hairstyle with a trendy twist–such as a long bob, just with a more subtle slope in the front,” said Mitchell.

Long bob, abbreviated lob, has been popular since 2014, and now is all the rage.

Different from the bob, which goes with an iconic jaw-level cut, a lob enjoys two big benefits, being longer enough to be created into a ponytail or bun, and shorter enough to form a sleek look, because of its shoulder-length.

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No matter long bob or short bob, the “bob” ‘do can not be denied to be classic and timeless, according to Daily Makeover.

Generally speaking, even the same bob can appear to be different if worn by wearers, and the styling process should be different, usually based on the wearers. Face shape, hair condition and hair texture can make a difference. When create a hairdo, a stylist is supposed to take all factors into consideration and customizes the most suitable bobs for the customer.

According to Darn Hamil, stylist of 10th Avenue Hair Designs, “this season, there seems to be a trend for all hair types–big curls, long layers and waves, long and straight, going natural and lots of movement.”

“The long, textured ponytail, fishtail and braid also continue to grace the Red Carpet,” added Hamil.

Besides, long bedhead up-dos appear to be popular this season. It is a perfect ‘do for working out, running errands, or even going out for the evening.

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Usually, additional bangs is effective to change your style without shortening your hair length a lot.

Another element for getting ‘do that looks young and trendy is the use of trendy hair color. Redheads, highlights with a softer copper hue and blondes locks are popular in 2015. Surely, just like what is mentioned above, “not every trend looks good on everyone”, it is all stunning to try other colors, such as the ombre, which was all the rage in 2014.