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Thin Hair?? Not A Panic Matter

I have thin and fine hair, and my hair never grows longer than just past my shoulders seemingly. Do you have any tips for adding much-needed volume?
—Karen, 53, Cheshire

Karen, mother-of-four, was sick of wearing a head of limp and thin hair, and she had come up with many tips to add length and volume to her natural hair.
For many busy women of Karen’s age, thin hair is not rare, because of hormonal changes, stress, poor diet or illness, and there is no exception for Karen.
For a long period of time, shortly after she fell victim to thinning hair, she had used clip in hair extensions to create a full head of hair. She had been satisfied with the stunning result created by clip-ins. But then, she would like a solution which could last longer.


When it comes to hair extensions, two elements should be mentioned again and again. First, it is of importance to select a set of hair extensions that look natural and blend seamlessly into your own hair. Another important thing is that the extensions do not do harm to your real hair or keep it from growing.
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For a long lasting result, Karen switched clip in hair extensions to I-tip hair extensions, a type of semi-permanent extensions that can be kept on your hair for several months once.
Just as its name suggests, the bonding section of the strip looks like an “I”. Made from bonded keratin, the tips can be attached to your hair without causing damage to your natural hair and scalp. Besides, the keratin is transparent, making the joins are barely visible.
Karen had the extensions installed by her hairstylist, who created a stunning final look for Karen. To make the extensions blend seamlessly into Karen’s natural hair, the stylist trimmed both the extensions and natural hair a little bit.
Because the keratin bond can withstand washing, drying and brushing, the extensions can keep on your hair for several months. But, for a better look, you are suggested taking care of your extensions as well. Basically, a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, is a must.
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