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Celeb Hair Changes–Jessie J, Maria Menoumos & More


When it comes to hair change for a coming season, you might think hard about how to style your hair to turn heads. If this is the case, how about getting inspired by celebrities’ hair change-ups? The question boring you that whether you should go lighter or darker for summer can be answered quickly. Just take these several hair changes of celebrities including Jessie J, Maria Menounos, and Hailey Baldwin for instance.

Jessie J’s Dark Hair look

Jessie J went back to jet black hair. Well, it is not even a piece of news. We might only be surprised if this hair chameleon keeps one hair look for a long time. In the past 14 days alone, the 27-year-old British singer has rocked 5 different hair colors, ranging from icy blue shade, dark brown hair hue, bright pink hair, white roots and black locks to full head of platinum blonde tresses. How could she achieve so amazing hair changes?


Maybe she was tired of wearing fantastic hair color, then she had her hair dyed jet black. She posted a picture of her new hair makeover on Instagram yesterday, captioning: “I don’t care how long it takes..I just want it to be right.” well, what did she mean? Does she mean she won’t keep the hair look for long? Yeah, obviously it is difficult for us to guess when and which shade she will try out next. But I hope she will change into a gray hue. She definitely looks so stunning in this pretty cool hair shade.

Maria Menounos Selects Lighter Hair Hue

Lighter hair shades must be all the rage in summer. Maria Menounos is the one who joins the great club of lighter hair shades. Unlike Jessie J, she had her long locks lightened for summer. We can easily see how she changed her hair look in Instagram.

First, she shared a pic of her wearing foils on her hair, and then followed it up with a selfie of her new hair hue, which came with the caption: “A touch lighter for summer! #healthyhair @giannetos this is my favorite ever! He lightened the ends a little and added a little light to the front. All without bleach! Secrets to healthy hair!!! I will do a daylight pic tom so you can see even better!”

Hailey Baldwin Goes For Lighter Hair

Hailey Baldwin’s freshly dyed lighter hair also features the popularity of light hair in summer. She shared her new hair look on Instagram, captioning: “Little lighter thanks to @Jeanpierresosa. Well, the star likes her new hair makeover a lot seemingly.


Jessie J’s Bright Blue Hair–Like It Or Not?

You might not be surprised when you saw Jessie J’s latest hair shade, which is one of the most popular hair for the spring and coming summer of 2015. This is because of her rocking ever-changing hair looks, which we find it hard to keep track. (Remember when she had her head shaved off on live TV for charity?)


Jessie J, 27-year-old, has been rocking a head of icy blue hair for about a week. Surely, she has had lots of fun with her popular pastel hair. The star showed off her new hair makeover on Instagram once she did it on May 7, captioning: “Meet Ice… #sweettalkertourcanada #Montreal.”Telling from the track on her Instagram, she had the style done for her Sweet Talker Tour in Canada.

Two days after her first blue hair post, she shared another one to say “Thank You” to celebrity hairstylist, Sami Knight. She caption: “hooked my huuuuuur up.”

A photo posted by Jessie J (@isthatjessiej) on

Obviously, this is not the first time for Jessie J to rock chilly shade. She just goes back to her hair hue in January 2014. The former pastel hair hue she rocked was pink, which she selected for her Sweet Talker Tour in the USA.

In terms of her blue hair, there has been one question going along with it shortly after she posted the first picture on Instagram. “Is it a wig or a dye job?” many netizens asked.

Here is one Q & A picked from tons of comments. “I’m confused, is it a wig or not? Either way I love the hair and it totally suits you.” “I don’t think it’s a wig, you can tell from the roots of her hair.”


There are quite many details proving her dye job. First, she has been rocking a blunt chin-length bob since January, except for her wearing super long hair extensions for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Second, she made a good preparation for the blue hair, rocking pink hue two weeks ago, and then platinum blonde one week ago.

How do you think of her new hair shade? Comment below to let us know.


Jessica J’s Beauty Look At The 2015 MTV Movie Awards–Long Straight Locks & Sparkling Menswear


Jessie J, British pop sensation, has spent a lot of time in the spotlight and this year’s MTV Movie Awards Show proved to be no exception. She stunned the red carpet with her fabulous makeup, gorgeous hair makeover, and oomph outfits. See her beauty look below.

Jessie J, 27-year-old, looked amazing on the red carpet of 2015 MTV Movie Awards, held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, Calif. on April 12. She showed up wearing a head of gorgeous straight long tresses, pink lip makeup and sparkling oversized menswear. What do you think of her stunning look?

Jessie J’s Super long Hair Extensions

The pop singer’s long tresses brought forth wowing at the awards, and she looked so charming with the hair. Actually, it was a hairdo created with super long hair extensions. Those who pay attention to her recently surely know that. Just a few days ago, the star, known for her chic bob cut, posted a fun video of the process of having hair extensions attached on Instagram. We love the song she sang and the awesome after-look she got.

A video posted by Jessie J (@isthatjessiej) on

Jessie J’s Oomph Outfits

In addition to her gorgeous hair look, another factor turning heads was her extremely cool outfits. Instead of rocking minidress, the star opted for flaring oversized menswear to make a ton of appearances at the pre-show. Sporting her glittering oversized jacker and palazzo pants, Jessie J surely enjoyed the envious sights around.

To match her cool suit perfectly, Jessie gave her iconic bold lip a rest, selection a pink lip instead. Of course, other accessories looked chic as well–the metallic chokers, rings, and bracelet. Every detail looks pretty.


Do you like Jessie J’s dressing-up at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards? Do you want to copy her super long tresses? Can you hold the pretty cool outfits?