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Kylie Jenner’s Uncountable Hair Colors–From Blue To Pink To Gray To Etc


You can never guess the next hair color Kylie Jenner will go for, nor can you image when she will make a change to her hair shade. It is highly possible that one day Kylie’s hair is one color, and the next it’s another. See her ever-changing hair colors, and vote your favorite one.

Kylie Jenner, although being 17-year-old, has had fun with quite many hair colors, the number of which is even bigger than that of most people in their whole life. It proves that the Keep Up With The Kardashian star finds no problem trying out new hair colors, from her iconic black, to black and blue ombre, to bright pink, to blonde, etc.

Kylie Jenner’s Ever-changing Hair Color–Black, Blonde, Ombre, Etc



Actually, it is a little difficult for me to image that one of Kylie’s iconic hair shades is black if I only check out the gallery of her hair makeover in recent one year. Believe it or not, the hair color enthusiast had always wore a darker natural hair color, just like her sisters. But everything started to change a lot for an unknown reason.

Many people might have remembered her amazing hair color change made around the time of Kim Kardashian’s wedding in May 2014. Her black to bright blue ombre hair even shocked her sister a lot. “I gave Kylie such s**t for dying her hair blue, especially at the time of my wedding, and I was so upset and I thought ‘She’s going to ruin everything!’, I didn’t understand it,” Kim said at that time.

Shortly after that, everyone seemed to get used to Kylie’s frequent change to her hair color. She rocked her hair gray for the summer of 2014, and returned to her signature ombre by Nov. 2014. In Feb. 2015, she rocked a head of platinum blonde for Love magazine.

The frequency of hair color change reached its peak right around Coachella 2015. Only within two weeks, she has rocked several rainbow hair colors, bright mermaid hair for the first Coachella weekend, black, pink, and gray for the next weekend.

Although many of her ever-changing hair colors are styled by means of hair extensions or wigs, it can not be denied that she looked so amazing in those fantastic hair hues.

So, among all her hair colors, which one do you like best? Comment below to share your opinion.