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10 Chic Short Hair Styles with Bangs

Hairstyles with or without bangs is different. If you hair is short and you’re looking for some inspiring styles, you got it here. Short hairstyles with different bangs or fringes can bring you a stunning look, want some inspiring ideas? Have a check below.


1. Short Hair with Long Side Bangs

Short Hair with Long Side Bangs
Short Hair with Long Side Bangs

Short hair with long bangs hairstyles which will make you rock in your friend circle and relatives, the combination of the short hair cut with the long side bangs create a super cool vibe and give you a sexy look. Moreover, it flatters almost every face shape and any type of hair texture. By keeping your side-swept bangs long in front of your face, you can frame frame in a beautiful way. It’s perfect for ladies who want to ease of a short haircut but prefer more girly look.


2. Short Hair Blunt Bangs

Short Hair Blunt Bangs
Short Hair Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs works perfectly with straight medium density hair. Short hairstyle with bangs can fresh up your style and interest to your haircut while keeping your length. But if your face shape is a very round one. Try other bangs, because the blunt bangs will make the round face look rounder and wider. Oval faces and square faces with blunt bangs will work and it’s a good idea for girls with short hair.


3.  Asymmetrical Bob with Uneven Bangs

Asymmetrical Bob with Uneven Bangs
Asymmetrical Bob with Uneven Bangs

It looks amazing the asymmetrical bob haircut with uneven bangs. This is a great combination for a bold look. Girls who like to experiment with different bang haircuts can opt for this kind of hairstyle. It is more impressive on straight hair. You can choose your favorite asymmetrical bangs and combine it with the fresh asymmetrical bob.


4. Short Hair with Pixie Bangs

Short Hair with Pixie Bangs
Short Hair with Pixie Bangs

This style looking cool . Pixie bangs on short hair, it’s great for cute round shape face, it’s easy to maintain and good for warm seasons. Add some hairspray to messy your hair that will give you more volume.


5. Highlight Bangs Short Hair

Highlight bangs short hair
Highlight bangs short hair

Highlighting your bangs on your short hairstyle will make it looks funky beautiful. Just try the color you like and you will be surprised! Get the Coloful Highlight Tape in Extensions.


6. Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs
Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Layered choppy pixie haircut is cool itself, let alone adding with the choppy bangs. It works great with blonde straight hair.


7. Baby Bangs for Short Hair

Baby bangs for Short hair
Baby bangs for Short hair

A baby bangs for short hair can take many guises and to help you find your perfect shape. It looks cute on head.


8. Flaming Bob with Long Bangs

Flaming Bob with long bangs
Flaming Bob with long bangs

Have a look this bob, it’s like fire on your head. This color will give you a truly fiery look, the long bangs brings you a flirty and playful feeling. Don’t you think.


9. Blunt Cut with Full Bangs

Blunt cut with full bangs
Blunt cut with full bangs

Blunt bobs are just downright stylish. It’s super adorable, framing the face perfectly, the full bangs draw the attention to your eyes, so, remember to give your eyes a good make up.


10. Eye Grazing Fringe

Eye grazing fringe
Eye grazing fringe

Have a look at Taylor Swift’s hairstyle, without and with bangs. In this picture, Swift pulled her hair back away from her face in a sleek low bun, highlighting her thick, straight bangs, both are very fashion-forward look. But the fringe draw attentions to her light pink lips and dark-rimmed eyes also adding eye-catching statement earrings. That is the secret of the eye grazing fringe.

Short Hair Can Also Have Lots Of Fun

Do you consider short hair as being less flexible when compared with long locks? If so, you think it wrong. Actually, there are a lot we can do with chopped hair, taking celebrities’ fabulous short ‘dos as distance. Browsing through the mass media, you can find it easy to notice numerous short hairstyles rocked by celebrities, like Scarlett Johansson, Shailene Woodley, Zendaya, etc.

If you want get some inspiration from celebrities’ cool hairstyles, read on this article. From simple pixie cut to braided short ‘do, a dozen of ways of rocking short hair are shown below.

  • Edge Braided Updo


The Best Female Performance and Best Kiss winner rocked a chic braid ‘do at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. She had her short hair styled into a fantastic French braid trailing from the front hair around to the back of her hair, and reaching her back of head to be created into an updo. The tousled slicked back hair also added fun to her ‘do. I have been obsessed with her pretty cool ‘do. How about you?

  • Slicked Back ‘Do


Scarlett Johansson looks so amazing when wearing her overgrown pixie. Her hairstylist made her hair slick back and tousled, changing her cool pixie ‘do to be more romantic, chic, and fabulous.

  • Sleek And Side-Parted


This sleek and side-parted ‘do is one of Miley Cyrus’ coolest hairdos. It is a pretty cool hairstyle suitable for almost every occasion. Her short hair was made polished and side parted, creating a sleek and neat ‘do which impresses us with a retro and cool feel.

  • Classic Pixie


There is no reason to deny that Zendaya’s classic pixie suits her a lot. It is a fabulous style coordinating perfectly with oval face shape, showing off delicate facial features. If you want a low-maintenance hairdo, this one is right for you.

  • Sleek & Side-parted Bob


If you would like a cool bob, this one rocked by Evan Rachel Wood may meet your requirement. The hair is styled straight and side swept to add some texture, making it simple, and romantic.

  • Half-Up Top Knot


This half-up top knot becomes more and more popular, especially among youngsters. If you have excessive oil on your hair and hurry to go out, this one is right for you. To match the ‘do, you are suggested wearing casual outfits.

  • Full & Blunt Bob


Beyonce looks fabulous with her full and blunt bob. The ‘do became kind of popular after Beyonce’s showing off. It is simple, but chic as well.

  • Sleek Center-Parted Tiny Pony


Obviously, this sleek small ponytail looks pretty cool. Charlize Theron’s hairstylist had her hair straightened and then center-parted to gather all her back to a ponytail.

  • Pinned & Tucked Updo


Sienna Miller looks so elegant with her pinned and tucked updo. It is a ‘do suitable for formal occasions, always making the wearing turn heads.

  • Top Heavy


Lily Collin’s shaggy hairstyle looks pretty cool, and the ‘do works well in almost every occasion, both formal and casual.