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Highlight bangs short hair

10 Chic Short Hair Styles with Bangs

Hairstyles with or without bangs is different. If you hair is short and you’re looking for some inspiring styles, you got it here. Short hairstyles with different bangs or fringes can bring you a stunning look, want some inspiring ideas? Have a check below.


1. Short Hair with Long Side Bangs

Short Hair with Long Side Bangs
Short Hair with Long Side Bangs

Short hair with long bangs hairstyles which will make you rock in your friend circle and relatives, the combination of the short hair cut with the long side bangs create a super cool vibe and give you a sexy look. Moreover, it flatters almost every face shape and any type of hair texture. By keeping your side-swept bangs long in front of your face, you can frame frame in a beautiful way. It’s perfect for ladies who want to ease of a short haircut but prefer more girly look.


2. Short Hair Blunt Bangs

Short Hair Blunt Bangs
Short Hair Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs works perfectly with straight medium density hair. Short hairstyle with bangs can fresh up your style and interest to your haircut while keeping your length. But if your face shape is a very round one. Try other bangs, because the blunt bangs will make the round face look rounder and wider. Oval faces and square faces with blunt bangs will work and it’s a good idea for girls with short hair.


3.  Asymmetrical Bob with Uneven Bangs

Asymmetrical Bob with Uneven Bangs
Asymmetrical Bob with Uneven Bangs

It looks amazing the asymmetrical bob haircut with uneven bangs. This is a great combination for a bold look. Girls who like to experiment with different bang haircuts can opt for this kind of hairstyle. It is more impressive on straight hair. You can choose your favorite asymmetrical bangs and combine it with the fresh asymmetrical bob.


4. Short Hair with Pixie Bangs

Short Hair with Pixie Bangs
Short Hair with Pixie Bangs

This style looking cool . Pixie bangs on short hair, it’s great for cute round shape face, it’s easy to maintain and good for warm seasons. Add some hairspray to messy your hair that will give you more volume.


5. Highlight Bangs Short Hair

Highlight bangs short hair
Highlight bangs short hair

Highlighting your bangs on your short hairstyle will make it looks funky beautiful. Just try the color you like and you will be surprised! Get the Coloful Highlight Tape in Extensions.


6. Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs
Pixie Cut with Choppy Bangs

Layered choppy pixie haircut is cool itself, let alone adding with the choppy bangs. It works great with blonde straight hair.


7. Baby Bangs for Short Hair

Baby bangs for Short hair
Baby bangs for Short hair

A baby bangs for short hair can take many guises and to help you find your perfect shape. It looks cute on head.


8. Flaming Bob with Long Bangs

Flaming Bob with long bangs
Flaming Bob with long bangs

Have a look this bob, it’s like fire on your head. This color will give you a truly fiery look, the long bangs brings you a flirty and playful feeling. Don’t you think.


9. Blunt Cut with Full Bangs

Blunt cut with full bangs
Blunt cut with full bangs

Blunt bobs are just downright stylish. It’s super adorable, framing the face perfectly, the full bangs draw the attention to your eyes, so, remember to give your eyes a good make up.


10. Eye Grazing Fringe

Eye grazing fringe
Eye grazing fringe

Have a look at Taylor Swift’s hairstyle, without and with bangs. In this picture, Swift pulled her hair back away from her face in a sleek low bun, highlighting her thick, straight bangs, both are very fashion-forward look. But the fringe draw attentions to her light pink lips and dark-rimmed eyes also adding eye-catching statement earrings. That is the secret of the eye grazing fringe.

Select The Most Suitable Hairstyle Basing On Face Shape

Summer is right here, so it is time to pick up some hairstyles that help skip sweat-neck. In terms of the hairstyles mentioned above, updo surely tops the list. For those who fear that there is not an updo suitable for themselves, they are about to be proven wrong, and this article is something must read.


According to Daniel Jordan, Unite’s European Creative Director, choosing the right updo is all about suitability, taking into account our outfit, silhouette and, of course, face shape.

For those who consider updo as something dated, they are wrong partly. “Updo’s used to be considered dated but with the current preference for messier, more undone hair, up-dos have evolved to become fresher and more wearable to a younger audience. Braids are a great example of just one style of up-do which is more contemporary and fun,” said Scott Ade, who is a stylist at Daniel Hersheson.

Because of the popularity and charm of updo, this hairstyle can be the one that we wear often in summer. However, how can we select the most suitable one for us?

Here are some pieces of professional advice offered by Daniel, Scott, and James Galvin from the Daniel Galvin Salon. They explain how to opt for updo styles basing on face shape with the examples of our favorite famous faces.

Round Face Shape


For those who have round face, they are suggested focusing on building weight on the round edges of the face to create structure, like what Jennifer Lawrence did to her hair. She seldom wore hairstyles along with anything too tight or flat, because those hairdos will only emphasize a round face.

A little height in the crown and a side parting make difference, since the former will elongate the face shape perfectly, and the latter will help to compliment our face, according to Scott.

Oval Face Shape


To make updo hairstyle more stunning in oval face shape, the most important element is all about creating softness and, like the round one, building weight around any edges of the face.

“I would avoid any high updos as this will emphasis and elongate an oval face even more,” advised Daniel.

Jessica Alba and Cat Deeley have oval face shapes that we are envious of, and we can get inspiration from their hairstyles.

Square Face Shape


Softening around the edges is required by this face shape, which is well proved by Angelina Jolie time and time again. To keep soft edges, just frame the face with strands around the hairline loosely. According to James, a side sweep or low chignon is great for a square face shape.

“A messier, more modern up-do would be the best look for a square face shape. My advice would be to leave tendrils of hair around the face to keep the look softer. A low bun or messy chignon would work very well,” said Scott.

Heart Face Shape


Having a heart face shape like Scarlett Johansson is something God blessed. It is one of the most enviable face shapes and it suits all updo hairstyles.

No matter which updo looks we choose, loose, fun, or structured, we can put off them if we have a heart shaped face.

“My updo of choice is a classic chignon with a modern twist. Or I will brave a deep parting or textured crown to spice up the look,” said James.

Long Face Shape


If we have long face shape, we should keep one rule in mind–avoid adding too much height in the crown when styling an updo, since the height in the top portion will only add even more length to our face.

Instead, we should gather our hair back into a sleek style. Besides, we can minimize the height around the crown by softening the face with loose pieces at the front.

3 Stunning Summer Hairstyles Perfect For Pool Party


To be frank, attending pool parties in LA, but not limited to LA, is more about showing off feminine charm rather than enjoying yourself only in pools. However, no matter what purpose you are for, and no matter where you live, you are suggested to show up with the best of yourself. One of the most important elements for being attractive by poolside is your pool party hairstyle. That’s why I recommend three fabulous hairstyles which can help take you from drab to fab in less than 5 minutes. Here are their how-to hair tutorials.

Look 1: Messy Side Braid

2011 CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute - Arrivals

Step 1: Start with combing your hair smooth and then gather all your hair over one shoulder. Next, divide your hair into three sections. For thin hair, it is suggested that you create an illusion of thickness by using a texturizing spray or dry shampoo beforehand.

Step2: Plait the braid loosely, and secure the braid when reaching the hair ends with an elastic band. For extra sassy look, select a brightly colored hair elastic complementing your bathing suit.

Step 3: To create a more romantic hair look, pull out some hair strands to frame your face and drag both sides of the braid to make it looser.

Step 4: Finish with some hairspray to add shine and keep the style. If you don’t want more strands fall out, use bobby pins to secure them.

Look 2: Top Knot


Step 1: Gather all your hair up into a high ponytail, and secure it with an elastic band.

Step 2: For more voluminous hair look, use a texturizing hairspray or dry shampoo beforehand. Or you can tease your ponytail with a bristled brush until it is messy enough.

Step 3: Take the ponytail at the base, and then twist it around to create a bun. Secure with another elastic.

Step 4: Use bobby pins to secure any strands you don’t want falling out. Finish with some hairspray.

Look 3: Boho Beach Waves


More: Hair tutorials of styling Beach Waves

Step 1: Divide your damp hair into two big sections and create two loose braids. Or you can create some high buns for the same effects.

Step 2: Keep the braids or buns overnight, then gently unravel them the next morning.

Step 3: Comb your hair slightly with your fingers, and use a volumizing spray to add some lift to your roots.

Step 4: Make the look more stunning by using a forehead headband.