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How To Wake Up With Pretty Curls


As it is getting warmer and warmer gradually, going out with damp hair tends to be a good idea seemingly. Therefore, it is time for us to look for ways of waking up with perfect hair looks, by which we can start the day with our best hair. But, how to do that?

  • If you have curly hair, and you are tired of spending lots of time on managing your hair in the morning, you can take this tip into consideration. Spritz with a flexible hairspray, such as the Moroccan Oil medium hold hairspray, and then twist and secured your curls into two buns the night before. Shake the buns out the next morning and apply some shine spray to tame flyaways.


  • In terms of the complaint of not getting up with uniform curls, here is a piece of good advice given by celebrity stylist Keith Campbell. According to Campbell, applying some mousse to your hair the night before can achieve stunning result. “To enhance the natural texture of your hair, you can apply mousse to your hair at night, like Jonathan Product Infinite Volume Thickening Foam. Section your hair into one inch pieces and double strand twist it or you can do braids,” said Campbell. Keep the style overnight, and then you can get natural curls in the morning. To keep the style, spray with Jonathan Product Finish Control Hairspray.


  • Nighttime shampoo is advised by stylist Dani Hauflaire from renowned Maxine Salon. Besides, she also suggested pin-curling hair loosely starting at the ends or the mid shaft, and then rolling upwards towards your scalp in a pinwheel motion.
  • To get naturally wavy hair, start with wet hair and a texturizing spray like TIGI Catwalk’s Sea Salt spray. When your hair is dry partially, twist it into sections and diffuse. Finish with adding some hairspray to your loosened hair in the morning.


  • To get crimpy, textured curls, start with braiding your dry hair, applying a smoothing cream on the end, and a soft mousse all head. For more defined waves, create more and smaller braids. Looser waves and curls go with less and larger braids.

Selena Gomez’s Hair Ideas For Thick Hair

Every time Selena Gomez turns up on stages or red carpets, she makes us envious of her stunning hair makeovers, which always tend to be inspiring. To better copy or get hair ideas of Selena Gomez, here we focus on Selena’s most stylish hairstyles.

1. Sleek Deep Side-parted Low Ponytail


Selena showed off her flawless makeup, gorgeous hair makeover, charming outfits at the 3rd Annual Unlikely Heroes Awards Dinner. Her stunning low pony in deep side part has been popular on red carpets and stages, rocked by many celebrities, like Beyonce. She looks so glamorous wearing the ‘do, agree?

2. Silky Put-down Tresses With Deep Side Part


The deep side part in this ‘do is just like the one in the sleek ponytail. Compared with the strict and reserved pony, the free-flowing hair makeover looks more romantic and glamorous, helping wearers turn heads in both casual or formal occasions. Selena rocked the ‘do at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party.

3. Free-flowing Long Locks Off The Face


Selena sported a head of long straight tresses at the 2014’s Ischia Global Film & Music Fest, in which stars can enjoy the wonderful vibe of good movies and quality music. To recreate the style, wearers might need some medium hold hairspray to pull back the front hair.

4. Sexy Voluminous Wavy Tresses With Ombre


Thick long hair appears to be so voluminous or bulky if styled in waves. To avoid this, you can pin up some strands of side locks at the back, so as to create partly off-face result by preventing too many strands from falling forwards. The whole hairstyle, dyed into dark to medium brown, tends to be more charming because of the pinning-up.

5. Elegant Beach Waves


Beach wavy tresses tend to make wearers charming feminine, just like the one rocked by Selena Gomez. She leaves some side-swept strands off her face to soften her round face. It is an awesome ‘do for summer, especially for long hair.

6. Romantic Side Braid


Braids are trendy these two years, regarded as one of the pretty and effortless styles for casual or formal looks. Among all braid styles, a messy side braid is perfect for casual occasions. If you have long and thick hair, gather all your hair over one shoulder and create them into a messy side braid. This is a good way if you want to look elegant and hate too voluminous locks. Remember not to plait too tightly.

7. Charming Hollywood Curls


If you want to look stunning, have your long hair styled into elegant polish curls. Selena’s hairstylist styled her tresses with luxurious curls from mid-shaft to ends. The buttery texture, lush shine and the fabulous highlights all look so pretty.