Description: The Vanity Box provides its clients with premium authentic virgin human hair extensions and award-winning customer service. We offer gorgeous virgin hair of various types and textures. “Virgin human hair” means that it has never been processed with any harmful chemicals, bleaches, or dyes. Our hair is the best in the market due to its durability, versatility and natural luster.

PROS: This lustrous virgin Peruvian hair has a voluminous S-wave pattern. It holds curls beautifully, yet has the ability to be worn straight. Waves become even more defined when wet. Because this hair is free of harsh chemicals and can be bleached and dyed, I sometimes dyed it into purple for night out. the hair   blended well with my natural hair and my new hairstyle looked surprisingly stunning.

CONS:  The hair ends easily turned frizzy.

Secured shopping cart:  Yes

Domain registered:  US

Customer Service: Phone and Email contact or visit the shop in person

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